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xiclassadmission.gov.bd- by this main portal, the XI Class Admission 2024 will be completed. It is a good news that the HSC Admission has started. The candidates who are willing to get admission, now can submit the online application. You dont know how to apply for the XI Admission? Dont worry, here is the details about the application. The full admission system is described here (fast to last). The admission system completes by three merit lists. After the online application, the XI Class Admission Results will be released. The candidates who are selected in the merit list will confirm their admission. The XI Class Admission Confirmation process is discussed here. 

For your kind information, at the application time, one candidate can select up to 10 colleges as their choice particulars. The candidate will get a college according to their SSC grades. 

No admission test is going to be held for this admission purpose. Your previous grade, SSC grades and marks will be considered to select you for the admission.  There is also migration system in this procedure. So, you should have knowledge about all the minor and major factors. Lets dive into it.


The Education Ministry has started the XI Admission 2024-25 session. It is known that there is a huge number of candidates for this admission. Thats why it takes long time for completing the admission process. 

This XI Class Admission is started for the candidates of all boards. Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Sylhet Board, Chittagong Board, Rajshahi Board, Dinajpur Board, Jessore Board, Mymensingh Board, Madrasah and Technical Board. The students of all these boards will follow the same schedule for the online application and results. 

If you are an admission candidate for this XI Class Admission 2024-25 session then submit your online application from here. The xiclassadmission.gov.bd is the main website for this admission purpose. All the candidates will submit their online application via this portal. 

XI Class Admission Circular 2024

Recently XI Class Admission Circular 2024 has been published. The XI Class Admission Notice is released through xiclassadmission.gov.bd portal. You can download the XI Admission Notice PDF from here. 

You should know the details about the XI Admission. The circular depicts all the necessary information and also the time schedule for important events. Here, all the necessary details are mentioned. You should read the passages given below.

HSC Admission Requirements:

  • Candidates passed SSC exam in 2022, 2023 and 2024 can apply for this 2024-25 session. 
  • Students passed from foreign have to convert their grades manually by going to the Education Ministry office. 

Note: You can change your group while applying. But there is some rules about this group changing. You must that rules in your mind.

Group changing rules:

  • Students from Science group can apply for the Science, Humanities and Business Studies group.
  • Students from Humanities group can apply for Business Studies and Humanities group.
  • Students from Business Studies group can apply for Humanities and Business studies group.

Apply Online

The online application is the most important factor for this admission procedure. You must be careful while submitting the XI Admission online application. Also you need to select the college/madrasa choice preference before you start the application. If you are ready, then start the application. 

Follow instructions for online application-

  • Go to the XI Admission portal- xiclassadmission.gov.bd
  • After the interface has appeared, you will see several empty boxes there. You will need to enter your SSC Roll and Registration Number
  • Make sure you have typed the correct SSC Roll and Registration Number in these empty boxes
  • Then click next, you will see your name and parents’ name
  • Select your college choice preference one by one. Prioritized college should be placed at the top.
  • Then provide your phone number. You cannot change the phone number later. The security code will be sent to this phone number. 
  • Then preview the application and submit it

Note: You have to pay the application fee 150 tk. You have to make the payment before you start the online application.

After you’ve submitted the online application, you will receive a security code. Keep that security code, you will need it later. You can change your college choice preference maximum five times. There is Quota available for this admission system. If you apply with quota, you will need to provide proper evidence for the quota.

XI Class Admission Result 2024

All the candidates have been waiting for the XI Class Admission Result. You should know that the authority has published the XI Admission Result through the xiclassadmission.gov.bd portal. You can easily check your Result from this portal. The XI Admission 1st Merit List, XI Admission 2nd Merit List, XI Admission 3rd Merit List can be checked from here. Also the XI Admission Migration Result is available here. All the candidates can check out results and find out in which college they have been selected for. 

For your kind information, this XI Admission Result 2024 is the most important part among all the steps for admission. It is because the candidates will know their allocated college name and the group name in this part. Your SSC/equivalent grade and marks are considered for choosing a college for you. If you did not get the first choice college then you will wait for the migration result.

XI Class Admission Result 1st Merit List 2024

HSC College Admission Result 2024 is here. This is the first merit list for 2024-25 admission. The XI Class Admission Result 1st Merit List is now ready to check. You are going to know your allocated college name.

Most of the applicants have got college in this XI Admission 1st Merit List 2024. I hope you have got your first choice college in this first merit list. The result can be checked from xiclassadmission.gov.bd website. I know that you have been desperate to know your result. But keep patience and follow the instructions to check your own result. If you are selected in this first merit list then you have to confirm your seat.

XI Class Admission Result 2nd Merit List 2024

XI Class Admission Result 2nd Merit List has been published. Congratulations to the candidates who have been selected for this second merit list. Now your job is to confirm your admission. And don’t forget about the migration. The XI 2nd Merit List is available from the xiclassadmission.gov.bd website. This is the main admission-related website and the candidates can check out XI Admission second merit list from this portal. The instructions are given below.

XI Class Admission Result 3rd Merit List 2024

This is the last merit list for the admission process. For your kind information, you can know your XI Class Admission Result 3rd Merit List from here. This XI class last merit list is very important because there are many candidates who have been waiting for this merit list. These candidates are not selected in earlier merit lists. However, simply check out your results from here. Here is the result link- xiclassadmission.gov.bd result so that you can check result.

XI Class Admission Migration Result

XI Class Admission Migration Result 2024 is here. For your kind information, there will be two migration results for this 2024-25 session admission. First migration result is published at the second merit list publication time. The second migration result will be released with the third merit list. If your college is changed through migration then you will get admission into your new college. You have to confirm your seat in this college. The confirmation process is mentioned in the below passage.

How to Check XI Class Admission Result?

Almost every candidate ask how to check the XI Class Admission Result 2024. You can know your results from here. The official website xiclassadmission.gov.bd is publishing the results for all the candidates. The easy method is described here. Also the result link is here, it will help you to check out your results within a few seconds. 

To check your results- 

  • Please go to the result website- xiclassadmission.gov.bd
  • There, enter your required credentials (SSC info and the security code)
  • Then submit to login
  • After then, you will view your results in front of you

This is the way to check out the results. All the candidates will follow this same method to check XI Class Admission Result 1st Merit List, 2nd Merit List, 3rd Merit List and the Migration Results. 

XI Class Admission Confirmation

For your kind information, if you are selected in any merit list, you have to confirm your selection. If you dont confirm, then your seat will be lost and it will given to another candidate. So, you must confirm your seat if you want to get admission.

For the confirmation, you need to pay 335 taka. There is timeframe for the confirmation, you cannot make confirmation after the deadline. So, be careful about the schedule, confirm your admission selection before the deadline. If you dont confirm, then you have to apply again in the next phase. That time you have to select the college choice preference again and then wait for the next merit list publishes.

XI Class Admission 2024-2025

You can see the college list for each board from here. Click on your board name and the full college list will be in front of you.

College List for each board-

  • Dhaka
  • Barisal
  • Dinajpur
  • Mymensingh
  • Comilla
  • Chittagong
  • Rajshahi
  • Jessore
  • Sylhet
  • Madrasa
  • Technical

There is quota system available. 05% seats are fixed for the Freedom Fighter quota. There is also Education Quota and also Special Quota. So, if you have a quota then mention it at the application time. The quota result is published along with the merit lists. 

Conclusion: The XI Admission System is easy if you understand. Here, all the necessary details are mentioned that can be helpful for you. Maintain the time schedule introduced by the XI Admission authority and complete your admission.

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